News and Information:

  1. Who Is Sykesracing
    Sykes Racing was created back in 2011 when I was racing the likes of Simbins Race07, GTR2, Rfactor, however over the last 4 years I have been mainly focusing of Iracing and the road series, I'm currently up to my C Class License, and I'm competing in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and also the Formual Renault 2.0, at present these are just club races, soon I will be looking to take part in some leauges, I would like to try and find some drivers to join Sykes Racing and we can complete the leauges together.
  2. Joining Sykesracing
    If you wish to join Sykes Racing and myself in Iracing events then make sure you've signed up and drop and email to, I will also be working hard on improving the team website.
  3. Joining us on Discord
    Join Sykes Racing on Discord and chat to us
  4. Live Stream